Due to an unparalleled commitment to customer service, many grateful clients have submitted letters of thanks and much appreciated reviews. Below are examples of what some of Debi's satisfied clients have to say.

From Cristine and Aderson . . .

"We just wanted to thank you again for all your help!!!  We couldn't have asked for a better realtor during the process of buying our first house."

From Chris Malham, President, SiteWorks . . .

"Before too much time went by, I wanted to write and thank you for all you did in helping me to find the gorgeous condominium that I ended up buying through Coldwell Banker.  Your real estate knowledge, demeanor and unwavering patience were what I appreciated most of all. You're truly a class act.

Debi, the best way to validate such appreciation is to continually refer you as much business as I possibly can, coupled with the fact that you shall remain my realtor from this day on!"

From Todd and Tracy . . .

"Todd and I would like to thank you for all your wisdom.  We are enjoying our new home!  We are appreciative of all our fun-filled adventures ahead of us.  Your kindness goes a long way.  We will be in touch."

From Jamie . . .

"Thanks for all the quality time and attention that helped us immensely with the purchase of the condo.  Your conscientious efforts really pulled this thing together."

From Robert and Linda . . .

". . . Debi Gotlieb, as our purchasing agent did a wonderful job for us.  We have no doubt that without her efforts we wouldn't be in a home with as much value per dollar as we have today.  Debi helped us from the very beginning by getting us to reconsider our first lender, which would have cost us quite a bit more in closing costs.  Her patience, while we switched gears quite a few times trying to figure out what all our options were and what we should do, was immense.  She explained everything, even things that were outside the scope of our transaction so that we could evaluate all situations and be prepared, if we needed, to change our approach.
Debi took our decisions in stride, and explained the alternatives to us at each step.  Even in situations where our decisions cost her a great deal more time and effort, she did not complain and immediately moved on to help us find what was best for us.  She was not pushy, yet in instances where she didn't want us to overlook some issue she made sure that we understood other sides of an issue.
Debi's knowledge and understanding was invaluable in all phases of the process and was greatly appreciated.  The few anxious times we experienced was due to situations that was out of our hands and in the sellers agents domain.   Those situations pointed out to us how fortunate we were to have Debi Gotlieb as our agent. 
If we ever have a need for another home in the East Valley area we will definitely ask Debi to be our agent, and if our needs cause us to require help outside of Debi's expertise, we will certainly look to her advice first for someone within the Coldwell Banker family.  We are already recommending Debi and Coldwell Banker to friends and family."

From Kerry and Bryan . . .

". . . Thank you also for all your hard work and patience in helping us find a home and sell ours.  It's tough with two small kids in tow, but you were very understanding. . ." 

From Valerie and Nick . . .

"Nick and I wanted to thank you for helping us find our new home and making our dream come true!  Your support and guidance was very much appreciated."

From Marilyn and Daniel . . .

"We feel so lucky in having Debi Gotlieb as our agent.  She was able to find us the right home.  We have told people that if they are in need of a home, we know the agent that works so hard to find one that is just right for you."

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